the Motherboard

Even if not intended I somehow always go back to the intriguing aesthetics of the computer. 
This design shows the diversity of one single geometrical shape: the Rectangle. 

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Plan It

The simple aesthetics of a floor plan. Your brain automatically transforms the two dimensional into an exciting three dimensional space.

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Eighties street art with an early nineties color scheme.

Design for a scarf. April 2015.

Rep Popp

Eighties street art gone Tribal.

Design for a scarf. April 2015.

Going to Memphis

Secret rendez vous between Keith Haring, the Memphis group and me.

Design for a scarf. April 2015.

Saved by Keith

Hashtag Keith Haring hashtag Saved by the bell.

Design for a scarf. April 2015.


Design for a scarf.
March 2015.

Graphical patterns clashing into a homemade vintage style hummingbird and palm tree design seasoned with a poppy paint splash sauce.