Expo "Inkt uit Oost"

Ten detailed pen and ink drawings made specially or "Hofje van Wijs".

From December 4th 2015 to March 4th 2016.

the Motherboard

Even if not intended I somehow always go back to the intriguing aesthetics of the computer. 
This design shows the diversity of one single geometrical shape: the Rectangle. 

- See more at: http://eu.frontrowsociety.com/boutique/m/contest/submission?id=19617&cid=108#sthash.WR5XwnhO.dpuf

Plan It

The simple aesthetics of a floor plan. Your brain automatically transforms the two dimensional into an exciting three dimensional space.

- See more at: http://eu.frontrowsociety.com/boutique/m/contest/submission?id=19631&cid=108#sthash.0BIsAH0P.dpuf


Eighties street art with an early nineties color scheme.

Design for a scarf. April 2015.